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Who we are
We are here to guide you with integrating God into every aspect of your business.


We are strategic in getting to know your business, Vision, Mission, and Core Values. We then create a roadmap with God on how it all works together.


Just because we do everything with Holy Spirit does not mean there is any less structure than any other kind of business. 


We value practical steps. Most people are tired of being told what they should do but no real guidance on how to get there. We are with you every step of the way.


Glenn White

Glenn has been in the business arena for 25 years in a variety of industries and positions.

Glenn has worked with and owned for-profit and non-profit organizations, holding several executive positions. His emphasis has been in sales and marketing, and business development “guiding”.

He has served in the mission/business field in over 20 countries, alongside his wife and children on some trips, focusing on humanitarian aid, economic development, micro-business development and training.

Glenn founded “Businesstry” as an international training company, focused on practically applying kingdom principles and the power of the Holy Spirit into large and small business after his 2 years in YWAM Chico /Mission Builders and 2 years as the Director of Bethel School of Supernatural Business under Kris Vallotton and Bill Johnson.

OTHER BUSINESS – He is also president and Chairman of the board for Kingdom Business Catalysts. A nonprofit organization founded by kingdom business owners to develop, encourage, connect, train, mentor and financially fund kingdom-based businesses and startups to transform communities through their operation.

Become a Guide

There are so many people wanting to serve God and people through their business but need help integrating what the world has tried so hard to seperate, God and business.

Click the button below for more information on how to become a Businesstry Guide.


Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery, reveals a remarkable truth: the mended piece becomes more valuable than it was before. As the delicate fractures are carefully restored with precious lacquer and adorned with shimmering gold or silver, a profound transformation takes place. The repaired pottery becomes a testament to resilience, embodying a story of survival and overcoming. It reminds us that our scars, flaws, and past challenges do not diminish our worth, but rather add depth and character to our being. The golden veins tracing the mended cracks serve as a visual representation of the beauty that emerges from healing and growth. It is a reminder that our experiences of brokenness and the process of healing can shape us into something truly extraordinary.

Practical steps

How We Guide You 

We help you develop your business into a Kingdom Businesstry by guiding you through staged practical steps focused around the 7 foundational pillars that form a Businesstry

workplace worship

Worship is key 

strategic prayer program

Having people pray for your business along with you is a game changer

Five-fold leadership

Its important to know your team and their spiritual giftings

spirit led strategic process

It is crucial to invite Holy Spirit into every process

heaven's resources program

We all know HR but what if you operated it out of a Kingdom mindset

spiritual demographics for marketing/sales

Learn how to reach your target effectively God’s way

kingdom finance structure

God’s kingdom funtions very differently than the world