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From worldly success to Kingdom Significance

When it comes to traditional business, the primary goal is building a “successful or profitable” business.

Of course, that is important, and any business must be profitable to keep growing and providing for the needs of the people it serves, but what if we told you that the best way to build a “successful” kingdom business is by not focusing on worldly success, but by focusing on being significant in the kingdom?

Move from Business-as-usual to

Business-is-Ministry (Businesstry)

Whether you have a well-established business, getting ready to launch your own business, or just have a passion for business, Businesstry will help you bring God into your business by integrating Holy Spirit into your business model and practices.

We have helped many clients bring Kingdom significance and purpose to their business and life, creating drastic transformation that has put their businesses on an upward growth trajectory full of blessing, increase, and impact.

We have received crazy stories of miracles and transformations that are proof of what happens when you bring God back into business:

  • Businesses experiencing 100% – 300% growth
  • Workplace atmosphere drastically improve
  • Unexplainable Provision/Blessing
  • Physical Healing for Staff and Customers
  • Staffing Issues Resolved
  • Equipment and Inventory Accessibility
  • New Customers and Client Loyalty Increase

Before working with Glenn (Businesstry), our team was divided and floundering for the next steps of our business.  Some of us were convinced that a truly Kingdom business would be completely devoid of structure and every work day would be an ethereal stroll through an open vision.  Others felt that the best way to honor the dreams and inventions God gave us was to focus on productivity and take a more traditional route to market.  Glenn is teaching us that we can build a structure that honors God, supports our team’s spiritual growth, and embraces healthy productivity, while compromising none of those things.  Everyone, in any stage of Kingdom business owes it to themselves and their team to ask the Holy Spirit if a conversation with Glenn is the next step for their business.


Gyft Labs

My husband and I have been working with Glenn White and Businesstry for over a year now and we highly recommend his services. He has such a unique vision of blending Ministry and Business together that we have never heard of. We have grown as individuals and as a company. We so appreciate his insight and wisdom and for pouring into our lives.


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